Balanced Change
Libra provides the therapeutic benefits of Rhodochrosite while promoting continual, balanced change.

Each change initiated by Rhodochrosite is harnessed or accelerated by the Quartz in the name of preserving physical and inner balance. The sum of all the numerical influences in Libra reflects a higher state of being, one that is always just out of reach. Thus, Libra acts as a powerful force to draw your state of consciousness ever upward.

Libra contains Rhodochrosite and Quartz.

Libra can help you—

  • Experience Rhodochrosite benefits
  • Uplift behavior patterns
  • Break an unhealthy habit
  • Experience balanced change
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When Libra Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Unhealthy emotional patterns that are hindering your health or happiness
  • An unhealthy habit

When you want to—

  • Enjoy the benefits of Rhodochrosite in a milder, more gradual form
  • Encourage positive emotional changes while strongly promoting balance
  • Experience gentle, continual inspiration for personal growth