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    Therapeutic gemstones are wearable energy medicine tools that help uplift the health of your body, mind, and spirit—gently and naturally.


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    Which Category of Rhodonite Is Best for Me?

    Unlike most therapeutic gems, Rhodonite is divided into five basic categories. Each category has a different ratio of colors, and each offers different therapeutic effects. Find the Rhodonite category that's best for you. 
    March 28, 2023 by Katherine Hall
    An Aquamarine Water Diary

    An Aquamarine Water Diary

    To introduce our featured gemstone this week, Aquamarine Strands, we wanted to share a simple, powerful way to enjoy its anti-aging benefits—and one gemstone user’s profound experiences with using Aquamarine to make Aquamarine Water
    February 07, 2023 by Katherine Hall
    Best Gems to Support Your New Year's Resolutions

    Best Gems to Support Your New Year's Resolutions

    Like us, you may be setting heartfelt intentions for new growth, new habits, and new awareness for the brand-new year. This is where therapeutic gemstones can help.
    December 20, 2022 by Katherine Hall