Gems for Anti-Aging

Green Jade to promote longevity and slow the forces of aging

Blood Tonic to vitalize and rejuvenate the body by supporting immune health and detoxification

White Beryl to fortify your body’s reserves and help expel the toxins that accelerate aging

Solar Light to help protect DNA and cell health

Apatite Purity to optimize the health of bones, joints, and teeth

Aquamarine and Aquamarine Water to promote fluidity and deep relaxation while helping to reverse the aging process

Amethyst to support nervous system and brain health

White Flash Moonstone to promote youthfulness and flexibility and help protect DNA

Blue Topaz to slow the aging process and optimize hydration

Citrine to enhance flexibility and let go of what no longer serves you

Golden Beryl to master time and open new perspectives on the past, present, and future

Master Healer for profound healing support, especially for arthritis and chronic illness